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It is one of the biggest and most impressive squares in Greece offering a view of Thermaikos Gulf. Under clear skies, you can see the Olympus massif in the far distance from the Square. It is one of the most popular promenade areas for locals and visitors alike. The White Tower Lefkos Pyrgos is the city’s landmark. It goes by its current name since the 19th century. Inside the Tower, there is an exhibition on Thessaloniki ‘ s history, from its establishment until Visit the Palace of Galerius, comprising the Octagon the throne chamber and admire its renowned mosaics, the Galerius arch, known as Kamara, built in BC and the imposing Rotunda, the circular dome roofed building with impressive Early Christian mosaics late 4th century.

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It is largely thanks to her that I now spend so much time in Crete. They can turn you into a Hellenophile. A famous print made at that time shows a truly fabulous conglomeration, sitting on a turquoise sea with Roman, Christian, Byzantine and Venetian influences coming together in what could easily be a set for Game of Thrones.

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View of the New Mosque When Sultan Murad II captured Thessaloniki and sacked it in , contemporary reports estimated that about one-fifth of the city’s population was enslaved. No Jews were recorded in the census suggesting that the subsequent influx of Jewish population was not linked [85] to the already existing Romaniots community. Some historians consider the Ottoman regime’s invitation to Jewish settlement was a strategy to prevent the ethnic Greek population from dominating the city.

On 18 May, when Yusuf learned of the insurrection to the villages of Chalkidiki , he ordered half of his hostages to be slaughtered before his eyes. In June , regular Ottoman soldiers attacked and destroyed the Janissary base in Thessaloniki while also killing over 10, Janissaries, an event known as The Auspicious Incident in Ottoman history. It was at that time that the Ottoman administration of the city acquired an “official” face with the creation of the Government House [97] while a number of new public buildings were built in the eclectic style in order to project the European face both of Thessaloniki and the Ottoman Empire.

In the early 20th century, Thessaloniki was in the center of radical activities by various groups; the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization , founded in , [ ] and the Greek Macedonian Committee , founded in The Greek consulate in Ottoman Thessaloniki now the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle served as the center of operations for the Greek guerillas.

Thessaloniki was also the center of activities of the Young Turks , a political reform movement, which goal was to replace the Ottoman Empire’s absolute monarchy with a constitutional government. The Young Turks started out as an underground movement, until finally in , they started the Young Turk Revolution from the city of Thessaloniki, by which their revolutionaries gained control over the Ottoman Empire.

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For reasons not mentioned, he travelled to Thessaloniki together with the monk Adolas. Although we do not know why either David or Adolas traveled from Mesopotamia to Thessaloniki, both the Synaxarion of Constantinople and the Menologion of Emperor Basil II assure us that he did come from somewhere in the “east”. In Thessaloniki David became a monk at the Monastery of Sts.

We are told that the Monastery of Sts. Theodore and Mercurius was next to the walls of the city, at the gate known as Aproiton.

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The entrance of the Treasury of Atreus 13th BC in Mycenae The earliest evidence of the presence of human ancestors in the southern Balkans , dated to , BC, is to be found in the Petralona cave , in the Greek province of Macedonia. The Mycenaeans gradually absorbed the Minoans, but collapsed violently around BC, during a time of regional upheaval known as the Bronze Age collapse. These states and their colonies reached great levels of prosperity that resulted in an unprecedented cultural boom, that of classical Greece , expressed in architecture , drama , science , mathematics and philosophy.

In BC, Cleisthenes instituted the world’s first democratic system of government in Athens. A second invasion by the Persians followed in BC. Following decisive Greek victories in and BC at Salamis , Plataea , and Mycale , the Persians were forced to withdraw for a second time, marking their eventual withdrawal from all of their European territories.

Led by Athens and Sparta, the Greek victories in the Greco-Persian Wars are considered a pivotal moment in world history, [47] as the 50 years of peace that followed are known as the Golden Age of Athens , the seminal period of ancient Greek development that laid many of the foundations of Western civilization.

Alexander the Great , on his horse Bucephalus , whose conquests led to the Hellenistic Age. Lack of political unity within Greece resulted in frequent conflict between Greek states. The most devastating intra-Greek war was the Peloponnesian War — BC , won by Sparta and marking the demise of the Athenian Empire as the leading power in ancient Greece.

Both Athens and Sparta were later overshadowed by Thebes and eventually Macedon , with the latter uniting the Greek world in the League of Corinth also known as the Hellenic League or Greek League under the guidance of Phillip II , who was elected leader of the first unified Greek state in history. Map of Alexander’s short-lived empire — BC. By the time of his death in BC, he had created one of the largest empires in history, stretching from Greece to India.

Wars of Alexander the Great and Roman Empire After a period of confusion following Alexander’s death, the Antigonid dynasty , descended from one of Alexander’s generals, established its control over Macedon and most of the Greek city-states by BC.

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The city is an administrative and commercial centre with its own distinctive, intellectual and artistic personality, and it serves as a major cosmopolitan crossroads whose cultural influence is far-reaching. Situated on a naturally amphitheatrical site at the head of the Thermaic Gulf, Thessaloniki is a harbour city, the sea playing an important part in its life.

It is divided in the modern and old town.

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As evidenced by remnants of a column to the south of the church and a cistern to its northwest, it originally formed part of a larger complex. Consequently it appears that the church was originally built as the katholikon of a monastery. A depiction of the hegumenos Paul kneeling before the Virgin Mary, as well as a series of Marian scenes lead to the conclusion that the church was dedicated to the Virgin, perhaps to be The most worthwhile museums are located in the area of Tsimiski Street.

Here you can see prehistoric relics and treasures from the ancient Macedonian and medieval Byzantine eras in these museums. This self-guided tour will lead you to the museums that will reveal the antiquity of this land. Here you may see the ancient Byzantine wall with its towers, ancient religious sites with Byzantine mosaics and frescoes, and other remnants of the city’s great civilization.

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Let yourselves be seduced by discovering 18 unique monuments and sites. Plastiras Lake A Paradise on Earth The surrounding snowcapped mountains, the rushing streams, the luscious green islet and a handful of picturesque villages are mirrored in the emerald waters of the lake. Well worth visiting… Top 10 Greece Download before your trip Here is a collection of our TOP 10 leaflets to assist your travel journey.

Keep in mind our useful travel tips and rest assured you won’t miss a thing while visiting different destinations in Greece! Near the Acropolis Hill Where History Unfolds The best way to enjoy Athens is to take a walk around its historic centre, its old neighbourhoods and its narrow alleys steeped in years of history. Greek recipes are filled with unique flavours and revealing aromas, which have proven to be the healthiest diet around!

An explosion of sounds, colors and dance moves with prevailing Indian elements, will carry away the visitors and passengers of the Athens International Airport on Wednesday the 14th of February. Athens Carnival With more than 70 free of charge events, for 16 days, the municipality of Athens celebrates Carnival in its center and its neighborhoods from January 27th to February 19th. Oinotika in Crete Visiting Crete this February?

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Home to an international trade fair, a film festival, and nightlife that is famed throughout the country, Thessaloniki is a charismatic city with a very interesting and diverse history. Discover important historic, cultural, and religious monuments, and see how the Byzantine, Roman, and Ottoman Empires have fused together to make the city what it is today. The Thessaloniki Jewish Heritage Tour will amaze you, as your True Greece guide unravels the fascinating history behind a community of people that have been part of the city for over years!

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Rich in history, travelers will find buildings and structures dating from the Roman and Byzantine times. Plus, its unique location makes it a base for exploring northern and central Greece. Home to many historic museums, discovery is at every turn. There’s no shortage of hotels and restaurants to choose from throughout the city, so take your pick! Transportation to and within Thessaloniki Flying from Athens to Thessaloniki takes about an hour, give or take a few minutes.

Alternatively, you might choose to reach the city by train or bus. There are several routes available, but we recommend departing from Athens for a seamless journey. Trains and buses both take about 6 hours, unless you opt for an ICE train, which gets you there in just over 4 hours. Within Thessaloniki, public buses are the primary way to get around.

Taxis are also available and easy to spot thanks to their dark blue and white colors. Granted, most Thessaloniki attractions, restaurants, and shops located in the city center are walkable. The fine sand beach stretches 7km long and offers views of the White Tower. Grab a sun bed for a relaxed morning and come lunch, choose from one of the many nearby restaurants and beach bars. At sundown, the area comes alive with lively tavern and restaurants.

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