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New Brunswick Junior C Hockey League

I am searching for the family of Sara Jane Lingley Family lore has it she was born in England and arrived with her family in New Brunswick when a young girl. Also according to these memoirs, John Lingley had 3 sons all of whom served in the Royal Navy.

General Information. This page contains information about women’s university hockey teams in Canada. If anyone has information about new teams for this season, or teams that will be in different leagues, please send it to me, and I’ll try to keep this page as up-to-date as possible.

Whale Watching from St. The Bay of Fundy attracts as many as 12 species of whales and other marine animals, who gather here in the summer to have their young and to feed on the abundant krill and fish brought in by the Fundy tides. By midsummer more specias have returned, including the rare North Atlantic Right Whale. So the season runs from June through October, with the highest concentration in August.

The chances of seeing not just a whale, but numerous whales and other wildlife are very high here, and on the way to the best sighting waters you’ll enjoy cruising past lighthouses and islands where sea birds nest. Jolly Breeze is, with costumes and on-board activities, is especially popular with younger children. All are located around the main dock off Water Street. There are a lot more things to do in this pretty town: Ministers Island Historic Site accessible only at low tide by causeway, is a room summer home that once belonged to visionary railway builder Sir William Van Horne, who also built the landmark St Andrews hotel, The Algonquin.

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And summer is probably the best time to sample those delicious crustaceans. Highly regulated and structured to promote sustainability, lobster fishing is most active in the waters around Atlantic Canada: Lawrence and coastal Nova Scotia. For 14 years, award-winning Chef Chris Aerni has been preparing local lobster with herbs and vegetables from his organic garden. Chef Todd Perrin serves broiled lobster with a mustard cream sauce.

The Fundy Trail Parkway is a scenic coastal drive that lies northeast of Saint John. It starts near St. Martins, once a bustling shipbuilding community, and continues along the coast. It’s a slow-paced route, where scenic lookouts and picnic areas provide views of coastal cliffs, isolated beaches.

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Central Spa is a popular chain of bathhouses operating in Ottawa, Toronto, London and Hamilton, and Steamworks is a chain that has facilities in Vancouver and Toronto. Some bathhouses, such as Sauna G.

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What has in store for N. Dec 30, 9: December 30, Parlee Beach is New Brunswick’s most popular tourism attraction. CBC New Brunswickers can expect a lot of talk but not much action to fix the pollution problems plaguing Parlee Beach Provincial Park in , according to at least one political expert. If we have the will, we can resolve this problem and return the beaches to consistently high water quality.

Without much fanfare, work began this spring to replace sewage pipes, dating back to the s at Parlee Beach Provincial Park. (CBC).

This weekend March , , we are playing in the Provincial Championships in the ‘AA’ division with the hopes of continuing onto the Western Shields in Manitoba at the beginning of April. Last year we played in the single ‘A’ league, and we’re hoping to move up to the ‘AAA’ division next year. The program has expanded significantly in its short history and we are hoping that it will gain much popularity to encourage other universities in the West, along with the rest of the country, to establish teams to warrant a CIAU league in the near future.

The UBC Thunderbirds had a successful season. And this information is from tammy schulz tfschulz intergate. I have seen from time to time, enquiries as to whether there is a University team here in the Lower Mainland in British Columbia Canada. Just wanted to let you know that there is a team called the UBC Thunderbirds, who are presently in the process of gaining varsity status for their highly skilled university team.

They have good ice times, good rates, and they have moved up quickly in the divisions of our league. They have tryouts each year and they have extremely qualified coaches who have built a solid Senior team, probably to play at the elite level this upcoming season. I hope this has opened some doors for those of you who have inquired and if you wish to contact the coach of the TBirds, you can E-Mail Laura Bennion at unixg.

And this information is from Michelle Preston michellp netinfo. We started the UBC team in the season. We played in the AA division in the and seasons, and won the this division both years.

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John Mahoney’s Log Cabin Chronicles publishes quality features, fiction, poetry, opinion, photography, art, and recipes for down-home cooking from the culturally rich Anglo, French, Yankee communities in the Lake Memphremagog watershed on the Vermont Quebec border.

Love Story Timeline The Years Before When Jeremie and Danica got together, they realized that they had been to several of the same events and had several of the same friends but had never met yet. The Meet They met at a pub a few months before they started talking. The Friendship Jeremie decided to add Danica as a friend on Facebook a few weeks after he allegedly met her. One time, after a long and hard day at work, Danica watched the videos sent to her a few weeks back.

It completely lifted her spirits so she sent a message to thank Jeremie for this. The First Date Shortly after they started talking about dating, Jeremie was to have his Christmas staff party in Fredericton. Danica asked Jeremie to hold her rose while she left the room for a few seconds. The rose was dangling off the mic stand.

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Atlantic Canada is a popular destination for roadtripping enthusiasts, with New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia being relatively close to one another. New Brunswick has a lot to offer visitors and is like a mini-Canada all in one province. The tourism board has even made planning easy by creating 5 colour-coded routes you can follow. Below is a 2-week roadtrip itinerary of New Brunswick that includes all 5 of these scenic routes and spans the entire province.

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Fundy National Park Share: The New Brunswick forest meets the Bay of Fundy tides in this national park, where a stretch of undeveloped coastline sits roughly mid-way between Moncton and Saint John. Visitors can take in the wilderness year-round. Coastal and inland hiking trails are good places for wildlife watching. In spring and autumn, bird watchers come to see migratory species feeding on the tidal mudflats. Park facilities include campgrounds, an outdoor swimming pool and golf course.

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Author Michael Gilbert Leave a comment Categories Car Dashboard In terms of the lives of typical persons, there is little doubt that the automobile is the most revolutionary invention in the history of transportation because the wheel. There is a wide range of uncomplicated to luxury vehicles that have grabbed the interest of shoppers and the arrival of new technology have added different safety and security measures to the sectors of automobiles and their application in the different purpose oriented places of human lives have turn out to be less complicated.

The man who is broadly credited with pioneering the contemporary automobile sector apparently did not like to drive and may possibly under no circumstances have driven at all. It was a really good automobile complete with wonderful interior colors and wheels that wre brand new and worked excellent.

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Prehistory[ edit ] Historical Territory of the Mi’kmaqs and their districts. Covered with ice during the Wisconsin glaciation , the Atholville district was probably released from the glaciers in about 13, BC. The village Tjikog has been permanently inhabited since at least the 6th century BC. The population lived along the river nearly all year.

Father Sebastian, a Recollect , was the first missionary to visit Tjikog in and he found a cross planted in front of a “hut of prayer”. Before executing the leaders of the attack, he exclaimed: They rented part of the lordship [31] but the area became abandoned and, apart from the Micmacs, there was no more than one Frenchman, one Canadian, and some half-caste children at Listo Gotj in The treaty was vague: Several sources place this event in [16] [39] while others mention [40] and even

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De Mons enters the Port-Royal basin, June In , at the end of the century in which Norsemen from Greenland had settled in and then removed themselves from North America, the Catholic pope stood before a council of bishops and preached the First Crusade. The pontiff, speaking from Clermont in France, had learned from the emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire that a new breed of infidel, the Seljuk Turks, had seized the Levant and refused to allow Christians to visit the holy places.

He urged the warriors of Christendom to strap on their swords, take up the cross of their crucified redeemer, and hurry to the Holy Land to drive these non-believers from Jerusalem. The knights of France and other Christian kingdoms took up the papal challenge, and four years later the Holy City fell to them in an orgy of blood and righteousness. These Christian knights fought the Muslims of the Levant for material as well as spiritual gain.

A 2-week roadtrip itinerary for New Brunswick that spans the entire province including stops in Bathurst, Fredericton, Saint John and the Hopewell Rocks.

The Chipodie Acadian settlement was established at the mouth of the Petitcodiac River in It has recently been renovated as a downtown tourist information centre. The Deutsch settlers were apolitical, mostly concerned with simply surviving in their new homeland and had no interest in the revolutionary cause. Early 19th century[ edit ] The Bend initially was, and remained for a long time, an agricultural community. In , there were only 12 families in the township and even by , The Bend had only 20 households.

It was at about this time that things began to change for the community. Communication with other Maritime communities and the rest of the world had been mostly a seaborne enterprise until the middle part of the 19th century. The Bend was strategically located at a point along the road where a layover and transfer point could be established. This proved to be a significant impetus to the future growth of the community.

Lumbering became important to the local economy of Monckton Township by the s and in the latter part of that same decade, Joseph Salter arrived from Saint John and built a major shipyard at The Bend. Within a few years, over workers were employed at the shipyard and the sleepy community that had formerly been The Bend would never be the same again.

The Bend developed a service based economy to support the shipyard and gradually began to acquire all of the amenities of a growing town. The first mayor of Moncton was the shipbuilder Joseph Salter.

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Things To Do In and Around Moncton, New Brunswick March 16, by Arienne 7 Comments Moncton is the largest city by population in New Brunswick, and due to its central position in the maritime provinces, has developed into a significant hub for the surrounding area. Moncton has a particularly strong and diversified economy, making it a great city to find work and spend hard earned dollars. Check out the video above and the options below for things to do in and around Moncton to get the most out of your visit.

I love how it makes a city more vibrant and colourful, and turns old, boring brick buildings into something more fun and beautiful. I was really excited then to learn that Moncton has quite the street art scene.

Cabo Julie Byrd, With its natural beauty, wide-ranging daytime activities and nightlife, and genuinely hospitable locals, Los Cabos is an easy getaway, made even easier by Julie Byrd.

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